Covid-19 completed

I was out in covid-19 for 8-9 days in the middle of December.

Fever, an aching throat, a cough, a bad stomache, and headache was the main symptoms. I can tell you right now it’s no kids play and it doesn’t feel natural, maybe no disease does but this just felt weird. Like you walked into a wall and you just stayed with that impact for all the days.

Post symptoms include fatigue, short breath, sense of smell and taste reduced and red eyes. I don’t know what kind of Covid I had, the PCR test just said I had it, maybe it was omicron or maybe it was delta.

Let’s not dwell too much in it.

I defeated it eventually and I was away from work for two weeks. Took some extra vitamin D during my illness.

I also started following this Dr. John Campell on youtube who reports on Covid almost daily. He has objective news on the whole thing.

Here’s his latest video. Released just minutes ago.

By Gus

Former Community Manager for many football games.

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