Games Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers 2vs2 Local Multiplayer = FUN

Mario Strikers is in multiplayer what all games should be about.

This weekend we had a local multiplayer matchup at my place in Mario Strikers: Battle league football. And I’d say this game has everything you need to have fun and play football at the same time.

It has intense pace, you have powerups, there’s all the famous characters from the Mario franchise but the number one things that stands out is gameplay. GREAT gameplay.

Today’s live action football games take themselves extremely seriously and therefore gamers are also tense in their competition. This game relaxes you in comparison to these other games. When Donkey Kong scores with his hands it is fun and it makes sense at the same time. And that’s basically all you need for a great game.

Check out the video below for one hour of Mario Football gameplay!

By Gus

Former Community Manager for many football games.

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