eFootball releases update to add friendlies online

E-football adds friendies online but still lacks teams offline despite enormous amount of club licenses.

eFootball recently had an update that added match lobbies where you can challenge your friends. But there’s a catch – you can only use your dream-team and not the officially licensed teams in the game.

eFootball has licenses to use several clubs in their football game but is only using a small percentage of them that they call partnership clubs. This is unfortunate and what we might be seeing is that game companies move away from club football more and more and focus on individual players.

What’s behind this?
Let me explain. When you buy the FIFPRO license you buy the license to use the player, the player’s name and the face in the game, but you have to create the face yourself or buy that service from a company that has all the photos/scans you need. Konami buys the photos they need, and they now scan the players themselves so that they don’t have to pay for this service in the future.

EA SPORTS is doing the same thing but is also still on the full league license train. Let’s see how that carries over to next year’s version when they are not cooperating with FIFA anymore.

How about club licenses then?
Club licenses gives you the right to use the official shirts and maybe stadium and other extras included in the deal, but in relation to players there is very little to gain. That’s why these fantasy modes are the way football games take these days.

On another note, I would love it if some of the modes in eFootball were available such as “Divisions” online. I could pay 10 euros for that mode, but it wouldn’t be so much fun unless it had a lot of clubs in it to choose from.

Here’s a video I made which shows you all the offline teams that you can use in Local Multiplayer.

By Gus

Former Community Manager for many football games.

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