eFootball releases update to add friendlies online

eFootball recently had an update that added match lobbies where you can challenge your friends. But there’s a catch – you can only use your dream-team and not the officially licensed teams in the game.

eFootball has licenses to use several clubs in their football game but is only using a small percentage of them that they call partnership clubs. This is unfortunate and what we might be seeing is that game companies move away from club football more and more and focus on individual players.

What’s behind this?
Let me explain. When you buy the FIFPRO license you buy the license to use the player, the player’s name and the face in the game, but you have to create the face yourself or buy that service from a company that has all the photos/scans you need. Konami buys the photos they need, and they now scan the players themselves so that they don’t have to pay for this service in the future.

EA SPORTS is doing the same thing but is also still on the full league license train. Let’s see how that carries over to next year’s version when they are not cooperating with FIFA anymore.

How about club licenses then?
Club licenses gives you the right to use the official shirts and maybe stadium and other extras included in the deal, but in relation to players there is very little to gain. That’s why these fantasy modes are the way football games take these days.

On another note, I would love it if some of the modes in eFootball were available such as “Divisions” online. I could pay 10 euros for that mode, but it wouldn’t be so much fun unless it had a lot of clubs in it to choose from.

Here’s a video I made which shows you all the offline teams that you can use in Local Multiplayer.


Let’s talk about GOALS… training arena (pre-alpha version)

Hello everybody,

My most recent video on youtube consist of a look at the latest update that the game GOALS has released. In the video we get to see the the first actual gameplay from the training arena, and I think it is promising for being this early in development. Some people have already compared it to Pro Evolution Soccer back in the PS2 era.

The gameplay feels quick and snappy. It seems like there is an instant response to button input in the animations and that is something that is very important. I feel half the battle is won if you get button input/response-animations right.

The masters of button input/response are Nintendo. Their in-house games have to my knowledge, never been unresponsive. If you want to try a football game from Nintendo, I recommend Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Switch. I picked it up this summer and it was great fun playing 2vs2 on the couch – a fantastic arcade football game for fun without the pressure of realism.

What else is fresh? Net Physics are pretty sweetly made, if you love how the ball hits the back of the net and the kind of ripple effect that happens – look no further, they’ve nailed it here. The actual training ground, indoor arena, goals, targets and player model look fine. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, the indoor pitch looks a bit like a movie set or an indoor music arena and it gives a modern vibe to it in line with the style that GOALS have had since they started marketing the progress of the game.

Looking forward to the next information and maybe I’ll have an opportunity to play the pre-alpha soon.

See you!

Games Matchday

Matchday: a new football game

A new football game is about to see the light of day: It’s called Matchday and is probably based on English football. If you go to their twitter @matchday they have an image from the tube station that says Tottenham Court Road.

Maybe they are sitting on the Tottenham license 🙂

Anyhow, not many details yet and as always football games come down to one single thing in the end and that’s gameplay.

The game seems to be developed in Barcelona and San Fransisco and they are looking for people to work remotely for them – at least in the role as Community Manager.

Here are some people to follow who are connected to Matchday. CEO: @derrickko, and @Mejlis if you’re looking for a job.

Also check out the first video I made on Matchday:

See yaa!

Games GussQuiZ

Making a quiz game in Unity – Part II

So I’ve come quite some way when it comes to developing my QuizGame. I think it’s going to be called GussQuiz because I always liked the game Buzz Quiz and it kind of inspires me with all of the fun game modes.

So since I last wrote here I’ve:
– Entered Questions and Answers. (21 to be exact)
– Added code for a system that randomly picks the questions.
– Added code that mixes the answers so that you cannot learn the order in which they are setup.
– Added a pause between having clicked the answer, getting an answer (green & red marked) and you being able to answer the next question.
– Added a “play again” button that directly takes you to the next game.
– Added a “return to main menu” button that reloads the scene and takes you back to the main menu.
– I created a version of the game in English with football themed questions.

Next up:
– Fix for what happens when we run out of questions.
– Options to set the amount of Questions.
– Achievements.


Games GussQuiZ

Making a quiz game in Unity

So I’m building a quiz game in Unity.

This is what I’ve done so far:
– Learned C# basics.
– Watched many different videos on how to make a quiz game on youtube.

Where I’m going:
1. Making the game being able to pull questions, answers and correct answers from a database.
2. Collecting points based on correctly answered questions.
3. Showing your score at the end of the quiz.

Games Sensible Soccer

Sensible Soccer fans about to implement online P2P multiplayer in SWOS

A few days ago the Sensible Soccer world championship winner Playavelli posted an interesting update on

The next big update of SWOS 2020 will finally feature online p2p multiplayer.
And not just that… It will revolutionize the SWOS online world. It’s utilizing GGPO rollback netcode, to minimize input delay to make it an almost offline playing experience.
Beta tests have been very promising, with a connection from UK to Spain having only 0-1 frames of input delay.

This seems to indicate a totally lag free experience.

I’m looking forward to this update and what it can do for one of the most classic football games ever created. If you haven’t played SWOS then check out the video below.

Games Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers 2vs2 Local Multiplayer = FUN

This weekend we had a local multiplayer matchup at my place in Mario Strikers: Battle league football. And I’d say this game has everything you need to have fun and play football at the same time.

It has intense pace, you have powerups, there’s all the famous characters from the Mario franchise but the number one things that stands out is gameplay. GREAT gameplay.

Today’s live action football games take themselves extremely seriously and therefore gamers are also tense in their competition. This game relaxes you in comparison to these other games. When Donkey Kong scores with his hands it is fun and it makes sense at the same time. And that’s basically all you need for a great game.

Check out the video below for one hour of Mario Football gameplay!


I was interviewed for the position as CM for Minecraft…

… I didn’t get the job though. My interview with the headhunting company still went well and they suggested me to Mojang but they in turn decided to hire through their own process.

Lately I’ve been having some interesting talks with some influential companies and organisations out there, both in gaming and in other areas and we’ll see what happens.

My next experience will however be to go back to University studies and for the next 5 months, I will be learning project management. I will also take a small course in C# programming – a language I’ve been devoting some time to learn lately.

That’s all for now.
Check out my not so impressive Minecraft skills below.

Games Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football gets its first content update.

I bought Mario Strikers at the beginning of the summer and it is quite fun, especially in multiplayer.
The first update for the game (releases tomorrow) will include two new characters with special moves and a new stadium.
I’ll check it out and get back to you all.

eFootball Games

eFootball 2022 (formerly known as the artist PES) updates to 1.00

Yesterday morning I downloaded the latest update for eFootball 2022. It’s a massive improvement on the wreck that was 0.90, and 0.91.

Game releases (especially football related) have rather commonly at Konami been associated with failure. These are probably related to corporate structure and hierarchy on positions within the company but it always seems as the giant in Japanese gaming is able to bounce back at their second or third attempt.

This update is no different: build up play in the beautiful game is back and the difference between this and FIFA ’22 is small animations that help ends meet. In FIFA your biggest connector is speed (and I’m not saying it is not satisfying cause it is) but on eFball passing connections need both power and angles to work which I think satisfies those closer to simulation than arcade.

Check out this sequence that I recorded:

The “Dream Team” (myClub in a new costume) mode will keep online players busy for a long time and my first game wasn’t laggy, it was slow, but not laggy. I drew 1-1 in my first game after going behind after kick off (not a good motivating start).

With 1.00 I expected us to get access to all the teams that Konami has acquired. This is not the case. You get access to the same 9 teams that you had in the original release and that is disappointing considering Konami has over a 100 licenses for teams. When are we going to get to play with those offline? and when are we going to be able to set the clock to anything above 5 min again? It’s annoying that offline play is super limited now.

I used to play almost only online but that has now changed. The real fun is playing with as many people as possible at your place while having some drinks and snacks.

For more eFootball check out my first impressions in the video below: