I was interviewed for the position as CM for Minecraft…

… I didn’t get the job though. My interview with the headhunting company still went well and they suggested me to Mojang but they in turn decided to hire through their own process.

Lately I’ve been having some interesting talks with some influential companies and organisations out there, both in gaming and in other areas and we’ll see what happens.

My next experience will however be to go back to University studies and for the next 5 months, I will be learning project management. I will also take a small course in C# programming – a language I’ve been devoting some time to learn lately.

That’s all for now.
Check out my not so impressive Minecraft skills below.

Career Games Sociable Soccer

First video recap on the production of Sociable Soccer ’22

I started to make this video Monday morning and did many many takes until I thought I’d nailed it. I can get very picky on how the words come out, on my English, what’s correct and what’s not and a whole lot of other things. One trick you can use when doing video is to not blink. You can see it in movies that the actors almost never blink. Anyhow this is the resulting video. Just a recap of what we already released but I wanted to make those who don’t bother with Social Media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook see this on Youtube. Here you go: