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Couch multiplayer in FIFA ’22

A few weekends ago I invited some friends over for some serious gaming. We were 7 people playing FIFA ’22. I bought the game on PC around Christmas when I was home ill in covid and couldn’t see anyone. It turned out the game was really fun. I especially like how EA nailed the player faces and the highlights: the commentator reacting to your goals are great; although repetitive after a while, they do the job well. Also the game is super responsive, which is probably the main thing you want in a game these days.  

So we teamed up at my place hoping to go 4vs3 , but that was impossible. Although we easily connected my pretty high spec gaming laptop to my TV and all 7 controllers, the game didn’t allow more than 4 players. That was a bit of a disappointment and instead we took turns playing. It still was great fun.

Here’s the live stream from the event.