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Making a quiz game in Unity – Part II

So I’ve come quite some way when it comes to developing my QuizGame. I think it’s going to be called GussQuiz because I always liked the game Buzz Quiz and it kind of inspires me with all of the fun game modes.

So since I last wrote here I’ve:
– Entered Questions and Answers. (21 to be exact)
– Added code for a system that randomly picks the questions.
– Added code that mixes the answers so that you cannot learn the order in which they are setup.
– Added a pause between having clicked the answer, getting an answer (green & red marked) and you being able to answer the next question.
– Added a “play again” button that directly takes you to the next game.
– Added a “return to main menu” button that reloads the scene and takes you back to the main menu.
– I created a version of the game in English with football themed questions.

Next up:
– Fix for what happens when we run out of questions.
– Options to set the amount of Questions.
– Achievements.


Games GussQuiZ

Making a quiz game in Unity

So I’m building a quiz game in Unity.

This is what I’ve done so far:
– Learned C# basics.
– Watched many different videos on how to make a quiz game on youtube.

Where I’m going:
1. Making the game being able to pull questions, answers and correct answers from a database.
2. Collecting points based on correctly answered questions.
3. Showing your score at the end of the quiz.