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First video recap on the production of Sociable Soccer ’22

I started to make this video Monday morning and did many many takes until I thought I’d nailed it. I can get very picky on how the words come out, on my English, what’s correct and what’s not and a whole lot of other things. One trick you can use when doing video is to not blink. You can see it in movies that the actors almost never blink. Anyhow this is the resulting video. Just a recap of what we already released but I wanted to make those who don’t bother with Social Media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook see this on Youtube. Here you go:


Wolfenstein – The New Order – I beat the game… [Part 1]

A few months ago I took upon me a new challenge. Finishing a game. That game is now finished – partly.

It took me 26 youtube episodes of up to 1½ hour per episode to get to the end and I was suspecting that one of the choices I made early on could let me replay the game from another angle, and yes. I was right. Lots of replay value in this game I tell you. If you wanna see the first part of me playing the game or me finishing the game check out the videos below.

I usually don’t play many games to the end like this. This is one of the first in years.
The soccer game I’ve been working on took up all of my time.

First episode getting started.

Last episode and defeating the last boss.

Games Press Release Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer for PC and console will release in Q2 2022


Highly anticipated global release will be packed with new gameplay and features, building on the mobile game’s huge success

Kiss Publishing Limited (KPL), in association with developer Tower Studios, will release Sociable Soccer for PC and console in Q2 2022, following the title’s huge success on Apple Arcade.

The game, designed by Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare, will be made available by KPL globally for Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4/5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, in addition to a full Steam release.

Sociable Soccer was originally released in 2019 via Apple Arcade for iOS, where it has built up a huge following of fans for its fast, arcade-style, intuitive gameplay, complete with multiplayer head-to-heads and collectible player cards.

The highly anticipated console and PC versions of the game will offer the same great player experiences and more, including:

  • Enhanced graphics and animations
  • Enhanced gameplay, strategy & AI
  • Collectible legend players per club
  • Challenges and battle pass system
  • Improved PVP matchmaking & customisable difficulty
  • Update to all 1,000 teams & 30,000 players for 21/22 season

Meanwhile, gamers who bought the previously available Early Access version on Steam in 2017 will get a new Steam code from KPL on release.

KPL Head of Publishing Darryl Still offered: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Jon Hare and Tower Studios to bring Sociable Soccer to PC and console platforms. The game has been a huge success on mobile and we can’t wait to introduce it to new audiences around the world.”

Tower Studios CEO Jon Hare said: “Sociable Soccer has been a labour of love since we first started working on the game as a PC title in 2015. With the game firmly established on Apple Arcade we’ve found the perfect partner in KPL to take it to Steam, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. We’ve always thought of Sociable Soccer as an organic football franchise – and it’s going to be growing more over the next few years.”