Gus’s Resumé

Gustav Hedenborg

Title: Community Manager / Communications Manager
Games worked on:
Sociable Soccer: Steam Early Access PC (2017)
2020/2021/ (Apple Arcade)/ 2022 (PC & Console)
Pro Evolution Soccer: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Title: PES League Agent/Community Developer.
Kick Off 2002: Title: Swedish translator

Top skills at work: Communicative, cooperative, service minded, punctual, structured, and goal oriented.

Favourite games: Football games, any Indiana Jones game, Wolfenstein, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill.

Etnhology: (30 ECTS ) Popular culture and Media. (Lund University)
Informatics: (15 ECTS) Computer games. (Lund University)
Academic Writing and Rhetoric: (7,5 ECTS) (Malmö University)

Interests: Family, football, swimming, health & wellbeing, film, acting, wine & spirits knowledge, keeping my flowers alive (!)