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eFootball 2022 (formerly known as the artist PES) updates to 1.00

Yesterday morning I downloaded the latest update for eFootball 2022. It’s a massive improvement on the wreck that was 0.90, and 0.91.

Game releases (especially football related) have rather commonly at Konami been associated with failure. These are probably related to corporate structure and hierarchy on positions within the company but it always seems as the giant in Japanese gaming is able to bounce back at their second or third attempt.

This update is no different: build up play in the beautiful game is back and the difference between this and FIFA ’22 is small animations that help ends meet. In FIFA your biggest connector is speed (and I’m not saying it is not satisfying cause it is) but on eFball passing connections need both power and angles to work which I think satisfies those closer to simulation than arcade.

Check out this sequence that I recorded:

The “Dream Team” (myClub in a new costume) mode will keep online players busy for a long time and my first game wasn’t laggy, it was slow, but not laggy. I drew 1-1 in my first game after going behind after kick off (not a good motivating start).

With 1.00 I expected us to get access to all the teams that Konami has acquired. This is not the case. You get access to the same 9 teams that you had in the original release and that is disappointing considering Konami has over a 100 licenses for teams. When are we going to get to play with those offline? and when are we going to be able to set the clock to anything above 5 min again? It’s annoying that offline play is super limited now.

I used to play almost only online but that has now changed. The real fun is playing with as many people as possible at your place while having some drinks and snacks.

For more eFootball check out my first impressions in the video below: