Let’s talk about GOALS… training arena (pre-alpha version)

Hello everybody,

My most recent video on youtube consist of a look at the latest update that the game GOALS has released. In the video we get to see the the first actual gameplay from the training arena, and I think it is promising for being this early in development. Some people have already compared it to Pro Evolution Soccer back in the PS2 era.

The gameplay feels quick and snappy. It seems like there is an instant response to button input in the animations and that is something that is very important. I feel half the battle is won if you get button input/response-animations right.

The masters of button input/response are Nintendo. Their in-house games have to my knowledge, never been unresponsive. If you want to try a football game from Nintendo, I recommend Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Switch. I picked it up this summer and it was great fun playing 2vs2 on the couch – a fantastic arcade football game for fun without the pressure of realism.

What else is fresh? Net Physics are pretty sweetly made, if you love how the ball hits the back of the net and the kind of ripple effect that happens – look no further, they’ve nailed it here. The actual training ground, indoor arena, goals, targets and player model look fine. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, the indoor pitch looks a bit like a movie set or an indoor music arena and it gives a modern vibe to it in line with the style that GOALS have had since they started marketing the progress of the game.

Looking forward to the next information and maybe I’ll have an opportunity to play the pre-alpha soon.

See you!